TOTSUCAT® LOAD & GO Catalyst Sulfiding

Eurecat's TOTSUCAT® LOAD & GO ex-situ pre-sulfiding service successfully activates hydroprocessing catalyst and enables refiners to simplify and accelerate their hydrotreating unit start-up procedure. Totsucat® sulfided catalyst can also be passivated to allow for loading under air. Using ex-situ pre-activated catalyst Totsucat® (including Totsucat CFP®) LOAD & GO service will save money, reduce start-up time, and it moves the potentially hazardous sulfiding process away from the refinery.

  • Totsucat® Types

      Totsucat G: Naphtha
      Totsucat D: ULSD
      Totsucat E: Vacuum Gas Oil
      Totsucat N: Hydrocracking Pre-Treat
      Totsucat HC: Hydrocracking
      Totsucat TG: Tail Gas
      Totsucat SG: Syn-Gas

    Totsucat® HC-AP® eliminates the use of ammonia during hydrocracking catalyst start-up while still controlling the catalyst exotherms.

    CFP - Cracked Feed Protection

    The CFP (cracked feed protection) process is an extension of the Totsucat® catalyst sulfiding process. The CFP treatment allows for the immediate introduction of cracked stocks instead of waiting 2-3 days. The CFP process includes the catalyst sulfiding, activation, and cracked feed protection.


    The Passivation process allows for the safe loading of sulfided and activated catalysts under air. Passivation can be applied to both Totsucat® sulfiding and CFP treatments. The Passivation process eliminates the need for inert loading.

    Catalyst Conditioning

    Eurecat preconditioning services can be applied to a wide range of fresh and regenerated materials including nickel, cobalt, copper, chrome, iron and zinc based catalysts, noble metal (palladium and platinum) based catalysts, and adsorbents.

    • Highly flexible and efficient facilities (batch/continuous process,
    • counter/co-current configuration, wide range of operating conditions,
    • and use of various chemical atmospheres.
    • Highly trained and experienced staff of technical experts and operators
    • Laboratory and pilot plant capability for catalyst operation
    • Latest analytical capability for catalyst characterization
    • Assurance of quality control during industrial campaigns
    • Commitment to high quality and environmental standards
    • Co-operation under possible confidential secrecy agreement

    CasE - (Catalyst Activity and Selectivity Enhancement)

    Various types of treatments tailored for different catalysts and applications.

    Sulfiding Comparison

    Sulfiding Comparison

    TOTSUCAT® Benefits

    • Fastest and easiest reactor start-ups
    • Minimized flaring to met new flare/emissions regulations
    • No exotherms upon start-up
    • Minimal sour water formation
    • No additional H2 needed at startup
    • No H2S release into fuel gas
    • No odor incidents from sulfiding chemicals
    • No handling of sulfiding chemicals
    • Catalyst performance is maximized
    • Upset conditions will not damage the catalyst
    • Totsucat® Sulfiding and Passivation service allows for loading under air