Petroval -

Reactor Management Services

  • Selection of catalyst handling contractors if required
  • Providing history of experience, quality program and safety record , of proposed Contractors
  • Provision of Complete Reactor Shutdown planning including supports
  • Coordination of all subcontractors involved in Reactor related activities such as crane management, scaffolding, mechanical work catalyst unloading and reloading
  • Coordination and execution by Eurecat of all catalyst off-site services: Totsucat pre-sulfiding, pre-conditioning, regeneration, and recycling.
  • Packaging, including Bins, Drums Rental and supply
  • Logistics, including legally required documentation
  • Sampling and Catalyst analyses
  • Temporary Storage
  • Progress Control
  • Advise to the Refiner concerning unloading and loading techniques
  • Complete job reporting Including Photographs of critical points
  • All activities to be executed by Petroval.