Catalyst Products

Catalyst Resale: Eurecat Regenerated Catalyst for sale

Eurecat offers a wide range of surplus high-quality regenerated and fresh catalyst Major refinery groups are currently our biggest customers. Each year they realize considerable savings from the purchase of high-quality second hand catalysts. We source resale catalyst in several ways.

  • Acquisition of high quality spent catalysts and absorbents for regeneration by Eurecat.
  • Resale of regenerated catalyst owned by our customers. Often they contract with Eurecat to sell from their emergency backup inventories.
  • Surplus fresh catalyst owned by our customers.
  • Regenerated and/or Rejuvenated CoMo Catalyst
  • Regenerated and/or Rejuvenated NiMo Catalyst
  • Guardian Bed Grading
  • Sulfur Trap

Eurecat can provide data on the following regenerated and/or rejuvenated catalyst characteristics.

  • Contaminant metals analysis
  • Surface area
  • Previous service
  • Size of catalyst
  • Mechanical strength
  • Predicted loading densities
  • Location of the inventory

We also perform activity testing and we can many times provide information about the estimated remaining activity level of a catalyst as compared to fresh catalysts, Resale catalysts with 80 - 100% of fresh catalyst activity can typically be purchased at 30-70% of fresh catalyst prices.