Eurecat Zeolites : Molecular Sieves

Eurecat Zeolites & Molecular Sieves

Eurecat is a global supplier of zeolite powders, zeolite catalysts and molecular sieves. We supply business and academic clients on six continents. So whether you need zeolites or other inorganic powders, molecular sieves, custom catalyst beads, pellets, or spray dried microspheres, Eurecat is ready to help.

Some product families available from Eurecat include the following:

Zeolites SiO2/Al203 Available Forms
Betas25 - 300Powder, beads, pellets and microspheres
ZSM-5s23 - 600Powder, beads, pellets and microspheres
Chabazites4 - 30Powder and microspheres
Ys5 - 300Powder, beads, pellets and microspheres
Other Custom Types--
Molecular Sieves Cation Types Available Forms
3A, 4A and 5AK, Na and CaPowder, beads and pellets
13X, 10X, LiX and LiLSXNa, Ca and LiPowder, beads and pellets

The links below lead to information on some of these standard products. However, Eurecat is particularly dedicated to custom materials and specialized toll manufacturing. This business model is based on our many years of experience that every client needs and deserves some degree of customization, and we welcome that opportunity. We have a dedicated team committed to meeting your requirements and expectations.

Eurecat also offers consulting services for zeolite selection and optimization, catalyst development and scale-up, catalytic process research and process commercialization. Contracting our experts can save you critical time and money.